A film photographers swiss army knife for digitization. A community project.

A tool that might help us spend more time in the analogue domain. An experiment whether that holds true.

Mission Statement

  • Helping to get to a good starting point when converting negatives with Capture One Pro for MacOS.
  • Automate what can be automated.
  • Provide easy access to common tools/workflows often needed alongside the process.
  • Use the power of Capture One transparently wherever possible. No hidden magic. Everyone is invited to discuss on what it does. Many ways to Rome. This is one.
  • Please help with filing in ideas and suggestions.
  • A community project. It's about our passion anyways. So let everyone learn from each other along the way.


  • Conversion of Color Negatives
  • Conversion of Black & White Negatives
  • Auto-Whitebalance based on RGB color readout
  • Manual Tone Adjustments
  • Gamma Adjustments
  • Shadow & Highlight Leeway Adjustments
  • Flip horizontal
  • Lab looks

System Requirements

  • MacOS Mojave or higher
  • Capture One Pro 12.1 or higher
  • Using C1 sessions, not catalog (for now, will be lifted hopefully later)


  • None

Community based support.
Visit the dedicated Facebook group for downloads and support.

Latest version: 0.7.3

Windows user? Check out the manual how-to guide.

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